Welcome to our passion, Arizona Adventure Cycling. We’re a bunch of mixed nuts who love to ride our bikes and love the state we live in. Arizona is a wonderful state for adventuring and it is our favorite place to adventure about on our bikes.

In deciding to setup Arizona Adventure Cycling as a community, we did so with a lot of thought. We’d reached our end when it come to searching out group rides, local century rides, or finding people who’d want to go on an adventure together. We searched high and low online and every time we’d end up having to join meetup or joining a club on Strava that wasn’t really local based. So we decided to build this community for all of those who are searching for these same things within Arizona.

We hope to share local rides, events, and news within the Arizona adventure scene. We’re aiming to put together some really cool routes to enjoy, and we hope to find an awesome group of people around this wonderful state who’d like to be jump right on in and help this place grow, fingers crossed.

Til we get to the next stage of this project, ride on!